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FXSculpture are based in the South West. We work with Jesmonite and Strontium Aluminate, from which we are developing a number of ideas. As specialist sculptors, pattern and mould makers we also work with others to help develop new, innovative  and unique sculpture, models and interior furnishings.

The Glowing Grey

The New Grey - Work in Progress

Skater Robot Costume

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The Greys That Glow-in-the-Dark!

These modern, new and unique Glowing Alien sculptures are created by using traditional production moulding and casting techniques in combination with the latest technology and environmentally friendly materials.

They are cast in Jesmonite and Strontium-Aluminate, which is a rare, earth material that absorbs daylight and produces a lasting glow in green and aqua blue.
The head, collar, body and eyes are all moulded and cast in parts, so that a variety of coloured pigments can be added to create a custom finish. They are then assembled, polished and waxed, giving them a unique soft, tactile quality.

Want One?
The Glowing Greys cost £155 plus £25 postage and packing in the UK.

For International orders contact FXSculpture for postage & delivery charges.

The carrier we use is Worldwide Parcel Services UK. International delivery charges are estimated as follows:-

Australia/New Zealand............£100
  • For more information on trade prices and international delivery charges please  either Skype fxsculpture or  use the Contact Us link below.

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