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FX Sculpture UK

FXSculpture are based in the South West. We work with Jesmonite and Strontium Aluminate, from which we are developing a number of ideas. As specialist sculptors, pattern and mould makers we also work with others to help develop new, innovative  and unique sculpture, models and interior furnishings.

The Glowing Grey

The New Grey - Work in Progress

Skater Robot Costume

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1 comment:

Albert Cash said...

The alien heads are detailed precisely. That makes it so much alive especially when it’s filled with color variations. That body sculpture is also nice. The carvings on the base platform have the mystery touch in it. It would look better if it comes bigger in terms of size. Well, some might think of it as spooky, hehehe… But that only means it’s a convincing work of art. =)